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Sports & Recreation

Physical fitness is of great importance. To encourage this and team sprit our school provides the following sports: Football, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Volley ball, Throw ball and Badminton, Horse Riding, Swimming etc. Indoor games such as Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess are also played.

S. No.           Type Sports Activity         

1                                Football                            

2                                Volleyball                          

3                                  Chess                                

4                                  Kabadi                              

5                                  Cricket                              

6                                 Kho Kho                            

7                               Bedminton                        


Holy child public school offers a great number of hobbies, clubs and other activities such as Dramatics, Art Craft, Music, Yoga, Gardening, Creative Writing, Quizzing and Public Speaking etc. All students have to choose two of these activities, which are done during two hours a week set aside for this purpose. In addition of this we have a session of community service for the students of class 5 and above to create an awareness of the need of the community outside and to bring about a sense of caring for those not so well – of. The club/activities offered are as follows :

Sl. No.                    Type of Activity

1.                                 Dance

2.                                 Library Service

3.                                 Yoga

4.                                 Art & Craft

5.                                 Group Singing

6.                                 Martial Art

7.                                 Community Service

8.                                 Calligraphy

9.                                 Environment Club

11.                               Waste Recycle

12.                               Maths Club

13.                               Chess Club

14.                               Gardening


Science Exhibition

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